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My name is Phillip Schaefer, i was first introduced to massage bodywork therapy in July 2014 and from there on my healing journey began.


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Without understanding my inate instinct and act for healing, my classmates would often ask me questions and for guidance in massage if our teacher was busy helping other classmates.

This was a sign. As i grew into learning more techniques, I have integrated techniques within sessions and style that is unique, No service is the same. With eight years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and I continued with a strong passion building clientele in a holistic spa for six years. During that period i have come to the realization to service as my own entity. Growing to provide Reiki (Healing touch) with five years experience as well as Advance Level 1 Sound healer from the Internatioal Academy of Sound Healing. With these profound intgrated energy medicine therapies, I am here to serve in the infinite natural healing potentials the body, mind, and soul have to offer.

The love for Bhakti yoga, music, and art i am a multi instrumentalist. The dideriedoo, vocal overtoning, keyboard, percussionist, flute, guitar..etc. Sustainable organic farming, permaculture design, waste management, enviormental protecion, herbalism and alchemy have all been impactful in my life. Growing, sharing, and teaching healing arts, hearing eachothers stories have helped me heal throghout this soul journey. May we cross paths to listen and share, may you allow yourself to set up an appointment with me and we will channel together.

Many blessings~*

Your Divine Servant,

Phillip Alexander Schaefer

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