The gateway to wisdom. Technology makes information a click away, but nothing compares to books filled with priceless gems of perspective. Here is some literature that has expanded how I think and move.


Everybody's got a story. Each of us is a combination of light and dark. The question then becomes, "Which side do we fuel?" Is it the darkness of our hurt, fear and struggle for power? Or will it be our loving, compassionate higher selves?


We are surrounded by the jewels of the Universe to remind us of our limitless power and potential. When our vibration is high we are one with the flow of our life's purpose. Our minds are clear to see, hear and feel these jewels. They are placed in our path on purpose. It is up to us to embrace them and apply when necessary.

There Are No Coincidences

Here we are! Our paths crossing, it is so meant to be! I have traveled through this journey called life with quite the triumphs and defeats. Everything you and I have experienced and endured up to this point has been in preparation for this moment right here. Let us travel side by side as we unravel the mysteries, complexities and magic of our beautiful time as humans of the Universe. I am excited to share some of the jewels that have crossed my path as I broaden my perspective, open my heart and tune in to the flow of the Universe. The majority of these jewels include books I have read, people's stories who have inspired me, and random awesomeness. I strive to consistently design experiences that are mindful, to feed my soul and divine purpose on earth. Pushing fear and doubt out,  while entering into the world of limitless potential and faith. We are the Co-creators of our lives. Let us put in the work, and in divine timing it shall be.


divine timing

put love and time into the desires of the heart. nurture all aspects of who you are today and the person you plan to be tomorrow. a little at a time. it all adds up. start now.....